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Cherry blossoms and Kanto Bus @
Cherry blossoms and fixed route bus "Kanto Bus".@

---5 Stops from Nakano Station.---

2012.4.8 (Photo:Administratorj


Since Tohoku earthquake (March 11, 2011), We have been receiving lots of support from people all over the world.
So, we would like to say thank you for a lot of help, and we must do something in return for their kindness.

And now, we will introduce you "Non-touristy tour" and "See real Tokyo" by fixed route bus.

You can start this short trip from Shinjuku or Nakano(5-minute from Shinjuku by Chuo Line), and you can come back to Shinjuku easily and its costs cheap and takes less than half a day. We would appreciate if this site helped your sightseeing to be more exicited.

¡"Non-touristy Cherry Blossoms Tour" by fixed route bus

In early April, Cherry blossoms are usually blooming and this helps Japanese people to be healed from what happened in March 2011.

If you have a chance to come to Tokyo in early April, please see a nice scenery of cherry blossoms because there are a lot of famous spots in Tokyo.

But, these spots where most of the tourists visit are little bit touristy, so we will secretly introduce you spots where they aren't.

Shown below are secret spots where most of foreign tourists don't know but Japanese local people love to visit.

Please check each picture and details, and visit by fixed route bus !!

Nakano Sun-plaza and Kanto Bus "NAKANO STATION"

This spot is located in Nakano Station of North Entrance.
This big white building, Nakano Sun-plaza Building is one of the most famous concert hall in Japan.


Cherry blossoms and Kanto Bus01 "KITANO JINJA SHRINE"
---2 stops from Nakano Sta.---

Long tunnel of cherry blossoms welcomes you.


Cherry blossoms and Kanto Bus03 "ARAI-SHOGAKKO
---3 stops from Nakano Sta.---

Fixed route bus, Kanto Bus is running under the cherry blossoms.

---6 stops from Nakano Sta.---

Cherry blossoms are blooming at the same time.
Tetsugakudo park is located only 1min away from "TETSUGAKUDO-SHITA" Bus Stop.

Tetsugakudo Park
Cherry blossoms at Tetsugakudo Park
---7 stops from Nakano Sta.---

The tunnel is 2-mile-length.

(Photo Contributer:AVEj
Cherry blossoms and Kanto Bus02
Cherry blossoms and Kanto Bus03 ¨Route Map

uNakano Station|Nerima Sta.v

uNakano Station|Egota-no-moriv

uNakano Station|Ekoda Sta.v

* These 3 routes are OK to get on.
** Bus Stop #2 at Nakano Station North Entrance.
***Bus Stop #2 is located across from "Nakano Sun-plaza BLDG".
**** These buses depart every 7 or 8mins in the daytime.

¡Seeing "Real Tokyo" by Kanto Bus

Tell the truth, Tokyo buses aren't tourists-friendly. Less in English, routes are very complecated, and not cheaper than subways.

But we strongly recommended to use only 1 route from Shinjuku Station to see "Real Tokyo".

Fixed route buses usually run between train stations, so if you want to try random adventure, just get on a bus that leaves from one of the train stations and get off at the final stop. Then take the train wherever you need to come back.

If you want to visit "Non-touristy" place, Nogata Area, called "Real Tokyo" is the best spot to visit.
There are some Japanese style shopping streets around Nogata, and a lot of unique shops like "SLIPPERS SHOP", "FISH-MONGER" and so on.

Let's start your short trip from Shinjuku Station or Nakano Station. You should have 210yen(One-way) and choose h05(Juku05) or ’†01(Naka01) for Nogata Station.

Fixed route bus for Nogata Station departs at Bus Stop No.15 in Shinjuku Station West Entrance.

Kanto bus stop at Shinjuku Station "SHINJUKU STATION"

At Shinjuku Station, you will find the bus stop #15 for Nogata Station.

Shinjuku Station(West Entrance Bus Stop#15)

It takes about 30mins from Shinjuku Sta.
Once visited Nogata, you will see the real life in Tokyo.

Nogata Shopping Street
Nakano Sun Plaza
This is the real life in Tokyo "NOGATA STATION"

You must be surprised by some unique shops.

Nogata Shopping Street

After walking around Nogata Street, you can ride a bus again to go back to Shinjuku.
(Both for Nakano Sta. and Shinjuku Sta. are OK but, DO NOT RIDE for Asagaya-eigyosho.)

Nogata Station#1
Route map of Naka01 and Juku05 ¨Route Map

uShinjuku Station|Nogata Stationv
uNakano Station|Nogata Stationv

¨from Shinjuku Sta. for Nogata Sta.
¨from Nogata Sta. for Shinjuku Sta.

¡Thank you for visiting us and looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!!

Japan. Thank you.

Japan. Thank you.
iPhoto Contributer:kbb12345j

Japan. Thank you. ¨Press to JAPAN Tourism Agency.


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