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Illumination and Kanto Bus  
Illuminations and fixed route bus "Kanto Bus". 

Mitaka Station North Entrance 
2012.12.9 (Photo:Administrator)


Seasonal illuminations around winter season have become a popular attraction in Tokyo.

Illuminations are typically displayed from around November to around Christmas or New Year, while a few are kept up until Valentine's Day in February.

Among some of most spectacular light shows in Tokyo are Roppongi Hills, Shinjuku, Odaiba and so on. But in this page, we will secretly introduce you spots where most of foreign tourists don't know but Japanese local people love to see.

Below are some of Tokyo's popular seasonal illumination spots: (Some photos are from previous years)

Shinjuku i-land tower illumination
This is one of the most popular illuminations in Shinjuku.
But, there are a lot of other illumination spots in West-Tokyo area actually.

Shinjuku i-Land tower

*This site is about "Regular tour bus", so most of photos are included "Buses".

■Illuminations at Mitaka Station.

Mitaka Station is located in West-Tokyo area and it takes about 20mins from Shinjuku station by Chuo Line train rapid service.

Illumination displays are found around the Mitaka station north entrance and especially along Chuo street.

The yellow leaves of ginkgos matches the illumination lights a lot and ginkgos make a romantic view of the world.

So we highly recommend you to visit there at the beginning of December.

ginkgoes and illumination02 "Mitaka Station"

This spot is located in Mitaka Station of North Entrance.

Mitaka Station North Entrance

ginkgoes and illumination03
Ginkgos and beautiful illuminations welcome you.

Mitaka Station North Entrance

Illuminations are lasting over 200m.

Chuo Street near Mitaka Station
ginkgoes and illumination04

ACCESS : Mitaka Station North Entrance
JR Chuo Line(Orange colored train), 19mins from Shinjuku by rapid service.
JR Chuo-Sobu Line(Yellow colored train), 22mins from Shinjuku by local service.

■Christmas and New Year Illuminations at Kichijoji Station.

Kichijoji illuminations were celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Their illuminations are very famous among local residents, but we think they aren't known to most travelers.

Design has been redesigned to commemorate the 25th anniversary of illumination project. With the theme of "Starlight" message, creating a landscape like stars.

They are also environmentally friendly, such as using eco-type LED.

Kanto bus stop at Shinjuku Station "Kichijoji Station"

Illuminations are displayed from November 3 to January 14 this year. Design is different every year.

Kichijoji Station North Entrance

From the opposite side.
Illumination has become a daily sight in winter for local residents.

Kichijoji Station North Entrance
Nakano Sun Plaza
This is the real life in Tokyo
Illuminations x Regular tour bus "KANTO BUS".

Kichijoji Station North Entrance

In Heiwa Street next to the Kichijoji Station, Regular tour bus goes between the illuminations.

Heiwa Street near Kichijoji Station
Nogata Station#1

ACCESS : Kichijoji Station North Entrance
JR Chuo Line(Orange colored train), 16mins from Shinjuku by rapid service.
JR Chuo-Sobu Line(Yellow colored train), 19mins from Shinjuku by local service.
Keio Inokashira Line(Color is different by every train), 17mins from Shibuya by express service.

■Thank you for visiting us and looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!!

Japan. Thank you.

Japan. Thank you.
(Photo Contributer:kbb12345)

Japan. Thank you. →Press to JAPAN Tourism Agency.


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